Ross Global Management LLC offers project management and business services to up-start, small, and non-profit businesses. In addition to over 10 years experience in developing and managing projects and programs and advising small entities, we have even more years experience in publishing and information technology, as the foundation for ensuring high-quality content and contemporary application and presentation.


But, it is our acute attention to detail and tailored interpersonal skills that remain our signature trademark in delivering projects on time, budget, and with successful results. Our clients range from non-profit relief organizations to entertainment artists to luxury brands. Businesses have a surplus of innovative ideas; therefore, Ross Global Management services are ever expanding. Here is a small representation of services we have provided for clients:

  • Managed the development and launch of high-end websites
  • Managed the development and release schedule for new products
  • Developed or enhanced fundraising concepts and managed their execution
  • Developed and managed exclusive publicity events or campaigns
  • Monitored business activity to ensure objectives remain on schedule
  • Scheduled periodic website reviews for content and functionality errors

Ross Global Management understands the needs and capabilities of small businesses. We guide them into alignment with or exceeding the competition and take away the worry of missed target dates or running over budget. We provide peace of mind that allows them to tend to other business while we carefully manage the significant project assigned to us. And, as importantly, we offer affordable rates.